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    Thermal Imaging Solar Panel Inspections are the convenient and cost-effective of testing your solar panels. Whether it be solar panels on your roof right up to the largest of solar farms (some of which can cover several acres of land).

    Photovoltaic solar panels are rapidly becoming a viable alternative power source. As with any power generating system, regular inspection and maintenance must be conducted to prevent failure of critical system components.

    The benefits of Thermal Imaging Solar Panel Inspections

    • Accuracy
      Thermal imaging, if done correctly, can very accurately indicate faults in your solar panels that could lead to costly repairs if not corrected. On a thermal imaging scan of your solar panels, hot spots indicate defective cells, issues with electrical connections, and internal physical damage that can create heat in your panels. Early detection of these problems can prevent equipment failure and future damage provided preventative action is taken once issues have been identified.
    • Convenience
      Thermal Imaging Solar Panel Inspections can also be conducted while your system is under load. Other diagnostics for your solar panels need to be conducted in controlled conditions, but thermal imaging cameras allow for proper testing and imaging in the field. Your panels don’t need to be disconnected and can continue to run throughout the inspection, so you’re never left without power.
    • Safe and Non-Destructive
      Your solar panels will be inspected from a distance using drones, which allows low- and high-voltage systems to be inspected safely.
    • Extend the lifespan of your Solar Panels
      Thermal imaging and the issues it can uncover can extend the life of your solar panels, sometimes by several years. Finding and correcting faults and defects before they lead to equipment failures will keep your system running longer and more efficiently, ultimately saving you time and money on maintenance.

    Regular testing can help prevent equipment failure that can lead to serious damage to your panels and even your property. Because Solar Panels are exposed to moisture, parts can easily become corroded and lead to overheating or even fires. Testing will clearly show any faults or dangerous defects before they become serious issues.

    We provide Thermal Imaging Solar Panel Inspections in Dublin, Galway, Limerick, and the surrounding counties. To book, simply Contact Us or phone us in Dublin on 01 6856935 or Galway on 091-399935.