Thermal Imaging of a 1970’s Bungalow

Thermal Imaging 1970 Bungalow

Kelleher Thermal Imaging recently conducted a thermal imaging survey of a 1970’s bungalow. The owner was concerned about the potential heat loss from the building due to its age. After conducting the survey, we were able to identify that the walls were reasonably well insulated but that the windows and doors were a cause for concern. However there was one wall in the kitchen where the insulation had not filled the cavity properly which was the cause of a a cold kitchen for the owners.

The thermal imaging survey showed heat loss both internally and externally. Internally the cold spots beneath the window and around the external doors.

The other major heat loss factor identified was the cold face of a solid concrete ring beam. This was the single biggest issue and a major source of heat loss throughout the house as it affected all of the rooms in the bungalow.

These concrete beams are very common in bungalows from this era and are a major source of heat loss.

As a result of the survey we were able to recommend that the owner of the property should have the internal face of the external walls insulated. We recommended they contact Kingspan or another manufacturer so that the right type of board could be specified. These boards do not need to be excessively thick so the room sizes will not be overtly affected but it will provide a far more energy efficient and warmer home for the owners.

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