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    Thermal Imaging Drone Surveys are the perfect tool for building diagnostics. The Thermal Camera combined with drone technology can detect structural and thermal deficiencies in houses, large scale commercial and industrial premises.

    The use of drone technology in conjunction with thermal cameras is becoming more and more commonplace especially as they become more accessible to industry. Drones are quickly able to inspect large areas in a fraction of the time, while reducing the risk of working at height.

    Facilities Management Teams are now using regular Drone Surveys as part of their preventative maintenance plans to detect water ingress, rood degradation and weather damage.

    A Thermal Imaging Drone Survey will locate deficiencies in buildings (including inaccessible buildings), large scale electrical installations and solar power systems, in a fraction of the time it takes for close-up inspections.

    Undetected issues such as leakage, heat loss, moisture and electrical faults can lead to major malfunctions and costs. These issues are often invisible to the human eye.

    Our team of experts at Kelleher Thermal Imaging has an excellent track record identifying issues with using thermal imaging. As Registered and Chartered Building Surveyors we can also make recommendations for the remedy of any defects found during your survey.

    Issues that a Thermal Imaging Drone Survey detect

    Specialist Drone Technology

    • Air Leaks
    • Water Leaks and Water Damage
    • Missing Insulation
    • Delamination in concrete structures
    • Energy / Heat Loss
    • Thermal Bridges
    • Solar Panel Defects
    • Gas Leaks

    Whatever your project, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done. When you are looking for Thermal Imaging Drone Survey, chat with our team and we will help determine the best solution for your requirements.

    We provide Thermal Imaging Drone Surveys in Dublin, Galway, Limerick, and the surrounding counties. To book, simply fill in Quick Query Form or phone us in Dublin on 01 6856935 or Galway on 091-399935.