Thermal Imaging Survey on Galway Property

Thermal Imaging Survey on Galway Property

Kelleher & Associates were asked to complete a heat loss survey on a 20 year old property.

Our Client was finding the property difficult to heat. We carried out an internal and external thermal imaging survey where several cold wall surfaces stood out were and excessive heat loss was consequently occurring. The heat loss issue in the locations identified was most likely caused by under specification/absence of insulation or poor installation of insulation, possibly compounded by excessive air infiltration and low specification windows. Dampness was ruled out as a contributory actor.

Our Conclusions and Recommendations:

  1. Overall, the property has been insulated to a reasonably good standard for its time, however, minor improvements as detailed below should in our opinion make a substantial difference to the level of comfort in the property, particularly the first floor accommodation by reducing heat losses.
  2. The windows are over 20 years old and heat loss through the glass will be substantial. Replacing the air-filled double glazing in problem rooms such as the Master Bedroom, and the two other bedrooms will make a significant difference in terms of heat retention.
  3. Insulate the gable walls internally in Bedroom 1 & 2 and The Master Bedroom. An insulated plasterboard is the best approach. This plasterboard should be a minimum of 60mm thick.
  4. Address heat loss issues below the bay windows. The best approach is to dryline the internal faces of the external walls in the Kitchen and Living Room with 60mm insulated plasterboard.
  5. Improve the standard of insulation in the crawlspaces and insulate and draught proof all first floor crawlspace doors. Extra insulation should be fitted around the timber purlins to eliminate the cold spots that they create. An insulation specialist should reinstate all existing loose insulation boards to make sure that there is no gap between the insulation and the plasterboard.
  6. Hard to reach areas that do not have an accessible void will be much more difficult to make insulation improvements as plasterboard would need to be removed and we don’t think this is justified.
  7. Improve insulation cover in peripheral areas such as the dormer windows, however, insulation shortfalls in these areas will not make a substantial difference in terms of heat loss mitigation.

Thermal cameras are used during our pre-purchase house and apartment surveys to assist the building surveyor identify damp and insulation issues. Talk to us about having a heat loss survey conducted on your property.

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