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    Thermal Imaging of Electrical Power Systems quickly identifies potential problems with electrical circuits before they fail. Regular surveys will reduce unscheduled downtime and avoid catastrophic failure.

    Thermal Imaging of Electrical Power Systems detects potential problems and failures of electrical devices, such as fuse boards, terminals, electric motors, transformers and electronic devices. Most electrical equipment generates heat during normal operations. Usually, this heat is safely dissipated on its own.

    However, corrosion, loose connections, misalignment or overload conditions can cause components to generate excessive heat, resulting in potentially serious problems. This can be detected using our Thermal Imaging cameras. This makes Thermal Imaging the most effective strategy for preventive maintenance.

    In a commercial setting this can reduce downtime by eliminating the risk of equipment failure, increasing safety and improving productivity.

    Around 10% of fires that take place in manufacturing properties happen because of failures in the electrical system. These could be things like a failure in terminals, electrical insulation, and other related components. Failures like these can expose people to electrical circuits, increasing the possibility of death or serious injuries caused by electrocution.

    By identifying and repairing high resistance connections, you can significantly decrease the chances of electrical wire breakdowns and keep other similar issues at bay. Thermal Imaging of Electrical Power Systems has plenty of other advantages like reduced repair costs, lower outages, etc. If your circuit has high resistance, its current flow will increase and when that happens, your power consumption goes up as well.

    Benefits of Regular Thermal Imaging of Electrical Power Systems

    • Can be conducted while equipment is operating which avoids disruption of operations
    • Enables planned maintenance rather than emergency repairs
    • Helps extend equipment lifecycle through early diagnosis and repair
    • Reduces equipment failure therefore reducing downtime and loss of revenue
    • Improves safety in the workplace as staff are not exposed to faulty equipment and workplace incidents such as electrical fires

    We provide Thermal Imaging of Electrical Power Systems in Dublin, Galway, Limerick, and the surrounding counties. To book, simply fill in the Quick Query Form here or phone us in Dublin on 01 6856935 or Galway on 091-399935.